The Freedom Investment Fund utilises the best technology and partner network, to invest in the best markets around the world to receive higher cash returns, allowing our investors to receive more money on their capital and spend more time enjoying life on their own terms.


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Our technology can read market signs all over the world and knows when markets are about to boom and when they are about to bust. This technology gives us the power to know when we should be entering a market and when we should be exiting in order to have our capital working the hardest and making the best returns for our investors.


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Markets are constantly changing, this disrupts possible returns and can push out timeframes. However, when the market changes, smart investors change their strategy, or change their market. The Freedom Investment Fund does both. By thinking global, we are not tied to one particular market or strategy but rather have access to all markets around the world and by utilising the right strategies for the right market conditions and by partnering up with the best investors in each location we are able to maximise everyones returns.


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