We are on a mission to end homelessness. Half of all profits that are created through the Freedom Investment Fund are put towards providing shelter for the people in need and funding the building of new houses for the worlds most needy. 
We believe that everyone deserves a home, and dream of the day when everyone on earth can have a roof over their head. A home that creates its own electricity, produces its own food, collects its own water and ideally this home should cost the user nothing to live in it. By investing with us you are helping to make this dream a reality.
The Freedom Investment Fund was created to ensure that everyone can live their life on their own terms. Our mission is to make it possible for everyone on earth to get unbiased access to the same real estate deals that will provide them with the best financial returns possible, making their money work harder so they don’t have to.¬†
Because we believe that by providing people with financial security our investors will be able to spend less time making a living and more time making a difference, they will be able to spend their time lighting up the world doing something they really love and putting their time towards working on many of the greatest problems the world is currently facing.
After all, as the quote by Howard Thurman goes…