Our Joint Venture Strategy

Take a look at all the managed funds out there. Traditional funds are designed for a manager to look after your money, get paid exorbitant ¬†fees for doing so, with little risk on their side should they make a mistake, or if the fund wasn’t performing as well as projected. This made us want to do things differently and what we consider to be fairer.
The Freedom Investment Fund does not charge any management fees for helping your money make more money, instead we enter into a joint venture agreement with you and split the profits. This model means it is a win win scenario. We only get paid when we make you money and the more money we make you, well the better we do as well. 
When you invest with Freedom Investment Fund you are essentially investing into a pool of which you own a certain percentage of. – eg. If you invest $50,000 into a $1,000,000 pool then you own 5% of that pool. From there you are entitled to 5% of all profits made from any of the categories you are invested into.
All investors are automatically invested into category one, from there if they meet the criteria they will be added to additional categories.


For example; should the same investor from above, be a long term investor and refer a friend who invests, then this quarter they would be entitled to 5% of 65% of the total profit earned in that quarter.
In the event the pool was $1,000,000 and we achieved $200,000 profit this quarter, then remuneration would look as follows…